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RESOURCES: Bike/walk facts and BikeWalkLee reports:

BWL supports Pine Island golf cart proposal (4/19/13)

BWL report on the Tampa Bike Summit (4/14/13)

BWL comments to county Local Planning Agency on land use elements (4/5/13)

Lee County bike/ped injury and fatality statistics update (4/12/13)

BWL Talking Points: Why a suspension of Lee County impact fees is a bad idea (1/16/13)

Community Sustainability Advisory Committee (CSAC) motions on the county's proposed Transportation Element (11/28/12)

BikeWalkLee overview comments on 10/26/12 Draft Transportation Element (11/25/12)

BikeWalkLee report: Moving Beyond Transportation Concurrency: A Path Forward for Lee County (11/12/12)

BikeWalkLee's comments on the county's proposed Capital Improvements Program (CIP) budget (6/18/12)

BikeWalkLee asks where candidates stand on bike/ped issues ... click here for the federal questionairre (for those running for Congress) and here for the Lee County questionairre (for those runnign for the Board of County Commissioners).

BikeWakLee background paper on mobility fees (6/15/12)

CSAC Complete Streets working group CIP recommendations (4/18/12)

Read the BikeWalkLee analysis on county bicyclists... "Better Understanding Lee's Bicyclists" (BLUB) evalaution (2/27/12)

Letters of support for the TIGER III grant application (December 2011)

How bikes can save us (infographic)...

The reasons for paved shoulders (October 2011)

Lee County resurfacing commitment matrix (4/20/11)

Lee County resurfacing update (2/20/11)

BikeWalkLee's accomplishments in 2010

A Complete Streets prototype study for North Fort Myers, prepared by Joe Beck.

An analysis of Lee County trends (compared to national and state trends) in modes of transportation to work, 2000-2009.

An analysis of the 2010 federal rescission of funds and how the Florida DOT took the cuts unfairly from bike/ped/trail programs

A summary of potential federal funding options for sustainable communities efforts

U.S. Department of Transportation bike/ped policy statement (March 2010)

Analysis of Florida’s Highway Safety Programs (2010)

How to Improve safety for pedestrians &cCyclists

BikeWalkLee's pedestrian safety report-- full report or summary

Summary of the BikeWalkLee users survey (November 2009)

Safety tips

Did you know...?

Who makes the local and regional transportation decisions?

Analysis and release on the Oberstar transportation bill (June 2009)

Why does Lee County need a Complete Streets policy?

Facts on bicycling and walking

What are Complete Streets?


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