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RESOURCES: Metropolitan Planning Organization

MPO's March 19th letter to Rep. Connie Mack

Solicitation of proposals for Transportation Enhancement Activity funds and the Lee County MPO Multi-Modal Enhancement Box Funds (10/27/11)

Florida DOT work plan of bike/ped projects, 2012-2017

MPO send letters of support to Lee's Congressional delegation backing federal programs to boost bike/ped enhancements (6/10/11)

Bicycle/pedestrian master plan

MPO resolutions approved Dec. 8, 2010

2011-2016 FDOT workplan

"Ground-Truthing Project" fillable form

"Ground-Truthing Project" form and explanation by Steve Rodgers with Caloosa Riders

"Complete Streets" resolution

Comparison of "Complete Streets" resolution

Contact information for MPO members


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